How Music Education Benefits All Education

How Music Education Benefits All Education

At Myriad, we really believe in the importance of music education, and how much it benefits children. We’ve written a lot about music learning itself. But it’s worth going into some of the ways that music education carries over to other areas of education!

Better Language Skills

Research has shown that music education leads to improved language development in preschoolers.  One study looked into how a short music-training program could improve children’s scores on tests measuring vocabulary and verbal intelligence. What happened? Well, 90% of the children who received the music training showed improvements, scoring 20% higher on average. The researchers concluded that music-listening skills clearly transfer to verbal skills. It’s also been proven that kids with a better understanding of melody and rhythm have an easier time learning grammar.

Music Education Benefits Math Skills

Multiple studies have found a link between music education and math skills. Children who participate in music classes have an easier time learning foundational math skills. For example, percentages and fractions. And it doesn’t stop there! In students of all ages, from preschool through highschool, consistent music education has been linked to higher scores in math classes.

Music Teaches Teamwork

The friendship built among musicians is one of the best parts of music education. Whether it’s preschoolers practicing a simple song and dance routine, or teenagers forming a band and learning to play Freebird, performing music in a group requires patience, active listening, coordination, and cooperation. Plus, music education benefits confidence and self-esteem. All these things help improve children’s teamwork and social skills. In school, this carries over to everything from sports, to group projects, to just getting along with others and making friends.


This is only a brief overview of a few of the ways music education benefits all types of education! Music education also benefits things like memory and brain development. We could honestly go on about this for hours – and we’ll definitely write more about it in the future. Because it’s incredible how much music improves children’s lives, and in so many ways. And if you’re curious to see how music learning can help your child, don’t hesitate to contact us!