How Motivation Works (and How We Help Students Develop It!)

How Motivation Works (and How We Help Students Develop It!)

Dancers, musicians, and singers all need to stay motivated in order to keep learning and improving. But motivation is a little more complicated than just “wanting to do something”. At Myriad, this is something we think about a lot! Which is why we wrote this little guide to motivation, how it works, and how to we help our students with it!


Intrinsic and Extrinsic


You might already be familiar with the two basic forms of motivation. The first is extrinsic, meaning doing something because someone or something compels you to. The second form is intrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is doing something of your own volition, for you own reasons. Intrinsic motivation, when properly strengthened, is more powerful because it’s linked to your own wants, needs, and interests. However, it’s tough to maintain intrinsic motivation indefinitely! Which is why at Myriad, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to encourage our students and keep them engaged with what they’re learning.


How We Help Our Students Motivate


Three examples of how we help motivate our students is with practice packets, assignment sheets, and simple verbal encouragement. Practice packets hold students accountable for their work, assignment sheets provide them with a kind of roadmap, and verbal encouragement helps build their confidence and positively reinforces good habits. As students stay committed and make progress through these forms of extrinsic motivation, their confidence grows, as does their engagement with what they’re learning, whether it’s singing, dancing, an instrument, or all three! And then they’ve got intrinsic motivation!


One More Thing…

This is just a little thing we use to help give ourselves a little extrinsic kick when we need it. It’s super simple and it pretty much always works: put on some music to get yourself fired up. Seriously, next time you’re struggling to get motivated, try listening to, say, Aretha Franklin and see how much it makes you want to just get to work!