Early Childhood Development Is Improved Through Music Class

Early Childhood Development Is Improved Through Music Class

Myriad’s preschool music classes prepare children for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and success. But did you know that preschoolers learn a lot more than just songs and dances in music classes? Here’s three other ways our “ABC Music & Me!” program fosters early childhood development!

Vocal Abilities

“Young children often cannot distinguish between their speaking and singing voices and thus sing in a kind of speaking drone. Children should be encouraged from a young age to explore the upper, or head voice, and to employ their voice for singing tasks as much as possible.”

– Teaching Kids to Sing, by Kenneth H. Phillips

Our teachers make sure that all our preschool classes are super interactive and engaging. One of the ways they do this is by incorporating lots of call and response exercises. These exercises encourage children to distinguish between their speaking, shouting, and singing voices. By hearing the differences in the way their teacher uses their voice, and then imitating it themselves, our students start learning new ways to communicate and express themselves with their voices.


Ensemble Development

In a nutshell, ensemble development is teacher-talk for acquiring the ability to perform in unison with a group. For young children, this means learning and developing competency with a number of skills. These skills include active listening, keeping a steady rhythm, coordinating their movements, following instructions, adjusting the volume of their voices, and paying attention to whose turn it is to play, sing, or dance certain parts of a piece. Practicing these skills often feels like play for children. But they’re actually learning valuable lessons and abilities which will help them in any area of life that requires teamwork, from playing in a band, to team sports, to working on group projects in school!


Social Skills

Myriad’s preschool music classes emphasize fostering a sense of community among our students. Children learn best when they feel connected to both the adults and the other children around them, and they enjoy learning most when they’re with their friends. By providing a supportive, nurturing environment to learn in, our teachers help our students build lasting friendships in classes that they’re excited to return to.

These are just a few of the ways that our preschool music classes benefit early childhood development. For example, they also improve children’s language skills! If you’re interested in learning more details of what our classes entail, you can click here to find out more!