Dancing Back To School

Dancing Back To School

The time is upon us. Summer is coming to a close, and we find ourselves gearing up for another academic year. The transition from summer to fall can be tedious, daunting, even anxiety provoking. Whether you are a student, educator or parent, dance has so many lessons to teach us and can provide a wonderful aid in moving us, pun intended, from summer break to fall. Not only does dance help move our body into the school year, but it can also help stabilize mood, provide an outlet for expression and become a healthy coping mechanism for stress release.

So how exactly can dance help us make the transition into the academic school year?

#1. Provides discipline and structure

#2. Helps maintain and build focus

#3. Encourages flexibility of mind and body

#4. Supports creativity and imagination

Wishing everyone a wonderful school year. Cheers to 2022-2023!