Be a Super Singer: 4 Ways to Power Up Your Performances

Be a Super Singer: 4 Ways to Power Up Your Performances

When you think about amazing singers, something they all have in common is the power they had in their singing. When a great singer is performing, everyone in the audience can feel that something special is happening. It’s not just about hearing someone with a great voice though – it’s about the performance itself, and the stage presence. We’ve written this simple guide to help our singers bring their stage presence and their performance skills to the next level.

1: Warm Up Before Performing!

It’s important to always warm up before singing. Your vocal chords are a muscle, and your instrument. You need to warm them up like you would other muscles before exercise, and make sure they’re in tune like you would with any other musical instrument. At Myriad, your teacher gives you warm ups tho help your voice gently prepare for the of demands singing big, difficult pieces. Before performing, a singer should warm up their voice the same way they warm up at the beginning of practices and lessons.

2: Show Confidence

This is often one of those “fake it ‘til you make it” type things. Performing is, for most of us, at least a little nerve wracking. To sing in front of others takes courage, and courage isn’t an absence of fear – it’s facing your fears. When a singer has the bravery to pour their emotions into a singing performance, it is POWERFUL. So even if you don’t feel confident, put on your super hero mask, walk out on stage with good posture (and maybe even a little swagger!) and pretend to be confident. You may be surprised at how you feel afterward.

3. Remember What Singing Means To You

You are sharing a unique talent that showcases YOU and who you have become through music. So make sure when you’re on stage, you enjoy it! Whatever it is that makes you connect to what you’re singing, the thing that makes you want to share the song with others – make sure you’re bringing that on stage with you. Enthusiasm shines through in performances, and it is contagious. When audiences can tell that a performer is having a good time, they tend to have a good time too.

4. After Your Performance, Take a Bow

It is SO important to give a good bow after your performance. Remember that you’re thanking the audience for listening, and for sharing an experience with you. Also, this can be a fun one to practice at home. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just don’t forget to do it.

Of course, the other keys to becoming a powerful performer are practice, and having a great teacher! Myriad’s awesome teachers are here to help your children take their passion and talent for singing and performance to the next level! We’ve got our Mini Singers, Glee Singers & Advanced Glee groups for ages 5-13, as well as private instruction for ages 7 and up – which means we offer lessons for adults as well!