Bowing on your Violin

Bowing: Practice long up and down bow strokes the full length of the bow. Make sure the bow hair is flat on the string and stays a consistent distance from the bridge. Notice how you hold the bow in your hand and how your wrist and arm allow you...

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Practice Tempo

When learning a new piece, make your practice tempo slower than you think it should be. Give yourself time to navigate new finger numbers, chord shapes, articulation, dynamics, and hand shifts before playing your piece at it’s intended...

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Nathan C.

Myriad is more than just a School of Music and Dance. The support that the teachers and staff give each other makes it a close family which provides a welcoming environment of growth and artistry. The curriculum does an outstanding job of...

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Vocal Development

Vocal development is a process that benefits both expressive speaking and singing. Children begin by exploring vocal sounds, such as sounds from the environment or animal sounds. Gradually, they learn to match and produce specific pitches. In...

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