Teacher Jeffrey

Teacher Jeffrey

How old were you when you began learning to play your instrument?
9 years old, at the piano

What do you Love about Teaching?
It’s dynamic and fun, and especially great when the student and I create a genuinely fun, musical moment spontaneously in the lesson.

Where did your receive your Degrees in Music / Dance Education
I received a B.A. in Ethnomusicology (study of worldwide cultures through their music) and minored in Spanish.

Your Unique Approach to Teaching
I love the challenge of teaching music in a way so that the learning process itself is musical. Since starting work at Myriad, I’ve been encouraged and inspired to think about teaching music in a multi-sensory way, which led me to complete Level 1 of the San Francisco International Orff Association’s summer intensive workshops. There I learned to value singing, whole body movement, and games for sharpening attention and memory as part of the music and instrumental learning process.

What do you enjoy about teaching at Myriad?
The teacher-focused, well-supplied classrooms!

What are your hobbies & Interests?
To answer frankly, music AND dance! I’m signed up for ballet and hip hop classes this fall. Aside from that, I’m interested in how great artists found their spark (as discussed in the movie Soul)

Do you speak any other languages?
Spanish semi-fluently. I’m a bit rusty, but I’m comfortable speaking it.

Anything else to share?
Probably due to my left-handedness, I can write backwards pretty easily.