Teacher Jameson

Teacher Jameson

How old were you when you began learning to play your instrument?
5 years old, at the piano

What do you Love about Teaching?
I love watching my students discover what they love about music!

Where did your receive your Degrees in Music / Dance Education
I received my Bachelor’s Degree from New York University with a major in Music Theory and Composition and am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (where I also tutor in musicianship and music theory!)

Your Unique Approach to Teaching
I believe developing solid technique, a strong sense of rhythm, and the ability to read music is a life-long investment, giving students the tools they need to discover and explore the world of music. We are never too young or inexperienced to take initiative in our music lessons and make the music our own! I encourage my students to play with mood and expression, to discover music outside of their lesson books, and to try their hand at writing their own music.

What do you enjoy about teaching at Myriad?
I love the friendly and supportive community of teachers!

What are your hobbies & Interests?
I love hiking, dancing, and reading.

Anything else to share?
I’m from Hawaii

Favorite Inspirational Quote
“Sounds are ever-present as new individual realities. Let us start listening with unfettered ears.” – Toru Takemitsu (idk if that’s particularly inspirational haha I just like it)