Kids’ Ukulele Band

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Call us to find a class time!

Physically easier than the guitar for small hands, yet with all of the same, solid foundations. A year or 2 in Kids’ Ukulele Band Levels 1A, 1B, or 2 will make the guitar a breeze when your little guitar enthusiast is just a little older to really grasp the coordination to play the guitar.

Our Young Ukulele Students are:

  • Excited about playing this mini-guitar instrument and LOVE classes
  • Learning how to play chords and plucked melody lines as a band
  • Developing stage presence and performance poise – we prepare this band for 2 concerts per year.
  • Playing a rich variety of musical styles, including multicultural songs, folk songs, and mini rock tunes. Some of our tunes feature fun play-along back tracks too!
  • Learning to create music as team players in a nurturing, dynamic environment
  • Developing rhythmic, sight-singing / ear-training skills through music theory games
  • Understanding how to follow a conductor

Children in our Kids’ Ukulele Band are learning how to read music and play together as a band. We prepare the students for 2 band concerts per school year. Attend a free observation class to watch our teachers in action and introduce the joy of singing to your child.

Kids’ Ukulele Band is accepting new members! Interested children and their parents are invited to visit a class.

Level 1A: Ages 6’s & 7’s
Level 1B: Ages 6-8 (assessment for Level 1B readiness is at the discretion of the Teacher)
Level 2: Ages 8-10 (assessment for Level 2 readiness is at the discretion of the Teacher)

Why the ukulele and not the guitar? At our school, we’ve had a lot of success with making sure those stepping stones are there for instruments that are physically challenging in the beginning stages, like the guitar. We want these young budding musicians to feel like they can handle the week-by-week goals we give them. We want them to feel and hear their small triumphs each week. This is the magic that encourages that child to stay engaged in their music lessons and continued improvement!

Now, we’ve made the transition even easier with the introduction of the Kids’ Ukulele Band. Ukuleles are that fun, collaborative stepping stone to guitar success.

HOMEWORK: Something to consider….Kids’ Ukulele Band has the same homework requirement as Music for the Young Child classes: 5-10 min. per day/ 3 times per week.

As a comparison, Guitar team requires 5-10 min per day/5 times per week minimum.