Guitar Teams: Ages 6-9. The perfect beginning guitar class!

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Guitar teams are fun, unique guitar classes of 2-4 children, where students will have fun playing together as a “band”, learning how to read music, and getting coached during their own private session with their teacher each class, and learning how to read music. Even brand new beginners will be able to jump into the action on their first day! The best choice ~ awesome guitar classes for kids!

These students are getting that important early-stage togetherness with a few classmates,  while still getting lots of personal coaching in their personal private lesson.  Our Team students love the balance of this format! Team Classes provide a small group guitar setting (a cozy  2-4 children per class), while also providing personal weekly private lessons.

We’ve observed for over a decade at Myriad that Team Students tend to be more engaged and resilient in the early stages of learning their instruments’ challenges.  Guitar Teams are fun, unique classes where students learn correct technique and postures from the start, learn to read music, and have fun with our collaborative music theory & skill games. Individual home- play assignments are tailored to the child. Students progress at their own rate.


This is our school’s answer to motivating young guitarists to work towards their own personal goals, while still being part of a team experience. This is especially important to beginning guitarists and pianists, when the beginning stages can be frustrating, if not presented in a child-friendly format. Music is meant to be shared and guitar team is an amazing motivator!


  • Team guitar lessons work well for kids who are motivated by peer interaction.
  • The teacher also works individually with each student on their own assignment so that each child can move at their own pace with their weekly songs.
  • This small team-setting provides a balance. The collaborative critical-thinking aspect of this  intimate class setting is less intimidating for younger students than being expected to produce results alone in the traditional private lesson setting. This is a powerful motivator. This means that our Team Students are excited about coming and sharing each week. Classmates celebrate each other’s successes and help each other through challenges. In this way, this setting also nurtures leadership in our young students. We’ve observed this phenomenum many times over the years.
  • The longer lesson time gives students opportunities to practice the material with the teacher’s supervision.
  • For the ensemble part of the class, students’ rhythm and listening skills improve more dramatically. Songs sound interesting and filled out.
  • Students learn how to work well as valued members of a team, in addition to working on their solo songs and their weekly homework.

Each Guitar Team class will be 50 minutes in length, once a week. The format of these lessons includes 4 components:

  • Opening warm-up improvisation that all children and the teacher play together
  • Music Theory / Composition Skills Games and Worksheets
  • Private Session rotation during which the teacher coaches each child’s solos
  • Mini-Rock Band with ensemble play. Each week students take turns playing lead guitar, rhythm guitar, or bass guitar roles. This is the part of the curriculum that really prepares young players for Rock Band curriculum later on.

Guitar Team Available Openings
Register for a class below. If you don’t see a class listed, it means that class time is currently full. Please call 650-574-2844 for personal assistance from our Arts Administrators or to join our waitlist.

All Students will receive a song book, theory and composition worksheets, take-home learning aids, ensemble songs, and a variety of activity sheets.

This is the best choice for all YOUNG MUSICIAN graduates who have completed Level 2, 3 and SUPERSTAR YOUNG MUSICIANS and wish to transition into beginning guitar lessons.