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Nathan C.

Myriad is more than just a School of Music and Dance. The support that the teachers and staff give each other makes it a close family which provides a welcoming environment of growth and artistry. The curriculum does an outstanding job of training students in the many different aspects of music that fall into the realms of technique, theory and musicality. Teachers are given flexibility within the curriculum to address the individual needs of each student and are encouraged to think critically about their approach to each student’s needs ensuring a well rounded musical education. Even having moved away, my teaching is still highly informed by my experiences at Myriad and the training and support that I received there.

Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music

I think I have stumbled upon only a few real jewels when looking for great activities for my children. I have tough standards when it comes to paying for extracurricular enrichment; I take into consideration knowledge, professionalism and facility.

My son, Mateo, started at Myriad about 5 years ago and continues to appreciate what he has learned. When my daughter Talia wanted to take music we knew Myriad was the place. These teachers embrace their gift with passion and love to share it with our children.

When I share my thoughts on Myriad my first words are if you are going to teach your child anything in the arts, choose a place that teaches with passion.

These teachers are musicians who are passionate about their gift. I believe everyone can teach what they know, but only a few have the desire to share their experiences and complete that task with true enthusiasm. In our busy home, we appreciate a professionalism and organization. Myriad keeps us informed of everything in timely manner. I usually have to ask the question before the information is given. Not at Myriad, information is given before the question even pops into my head. Finally, a place that is one step ahead.

A clean, spacious and organized facility puts my mind at ease. Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music. I like to know that when the kids are away from me they are in a healthy and safe place, learning what they love. Myriad offers that to all.
– Kim

I’m so grateful for our experiences at Myriad

I can’t say enough about how wonderful the toddler music classes are at Myriad. Initially, I saw the class as an opportunity for my two year old daughter and I to bond and enjoy music together. But the class ended up being so much more than that for us. After several weeks, I began to notice that my daughter was picking up the routines of class, gaining confidence in herself, and developing her creativity. She was learning the basic building blocks of music in fun and imaginative ways. Her teacher was so interactive and dynamic and clearly loved leading the children and parents. Games and songs we played in class quickly worked there way into our daily lives. I’m so grateful for our experiences at Myriad. They have clearly begun a love and appreciation for music in my daughter that will hopefully follow her throughout her life.
– Kim H., mother of Claire

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful. The teachers there have passed along their extensive knowledge and passion for music to my children in such a way that I know they will be able to truly enjoy making music for the rest of their lives. The teaching methods used at Myriad are effective and fun. My kids LOVE Myriad!

-Maren, mother of Fiona and Ainsley M.

Our children enjoy coming each week

We absolutely love the program and teachers at the Myriad Music School. The programs are geared around our children’s aptitude to learn music, have fun and make it an enjoyable experience that they will continue to develop over the years. The teachers truly enjoy what they do and demonstrate their passion by inspiring our children to give it their best during classes and recitals. Our children enjoy coming each week for their piano lessons and have truly grown to appreciate music.

– Nimisha and Jay P., parents of Rohan and Shivani

I find it to be a very friendly environment

It is the dedication and professionalism of the teachers, as well as their emphasis on encouraging a well-rounded musician which has allowed our daughter to grow into the avid and dedicated musician that she has become over the last five years with Myriad Music School . We feel so fortunate to have ‘found’ Myriad, for without them we are certain that our daughter would not have musically flourished to be at the level she is today.” – Pam and Michael H., parents of Christina

As a student at Myriad Music School for over five years, I find it to be a very friendly and musically enriching environment in which any musician is able to reach their full potential because of the wonderfully encouraging and talented teachers.

– Christina H.,
daughter of Pam H.

It was well structured yet engaging

We’ve had a great experience with Myriad Music. My daughter has been going there since she turned 3 (and is now 5 1/2 and doing their Choir class). At ages 3 & 4 we did Kindermusik. It was a great transition from Music Together because I felt it really took things to a whole different level for the kids. It was well structured yet engaging and fun for the kids. They got experience with instruments, notes and rhythm while truly having fun! We had teacher Jina for the 2 years my daughter did Kindermusik, and she really was excellent, in both the teaching of music and relating with the kids.

~ San Mateo Mother’s Club Mom

The teachers are great and very engaging with the kids

I have been bringing my boys there for the past year. They are now 2 1/2. I really love the school because the class size is small, the kids get individual attention and their approach to music is very creative. The teachers are great and very engaging with the kids…our teacher is teacher Jina.

– San Mateo Mother’s Club Mom

I’m very pleased with the Young Child classes

We’ve taken the toddler summer class, Music for Young Child I and now Young Child II. I’m very pleased with the Young Child classes under the Kindermusik program offered by Myriad Music. The class my daughter attends is in San Mateo at Palm Dr. The children learn notes as a sound, sight reading and by placing markers on a chart, they learn to actually make their own music that they can play. Each year they learn a different instrument, eg, now she is learning glockenspiel which is pre-piano. Then they have pre-wind instruments on a recorder, etc. Each class is fun and they sing and have games geared toward their lesson. I think it’s a smart, less stressful way to learn music. That said, I myself have no experience learning music.

Also, Myriad is accommodating with makeup classes.

– San Mateo Mother’s Club Mom

We love your school

Keith & Simone

We love your school. We know quality when we see it and have boasted about your school for years! Karah has thrived musically and we have your school and Simone to thank. Thank you again for another wonderful year and as always your friendship.

Naomi & John

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