Teacher Matthew

Teacher Matthew

What do you love about teaching? 

I love the rewarding feeling of seeing my student achieve their musical goals!

Where did your receive your Degrees in Vocal Education and Performance?

San Francisco State University – Bachelor of Music Education (Vocal Emphasis)

How would you describe your unique approach to teaching? 

I value humor very much in my classes. I believe that this approach makes our classes go by smoother because our classes aren’t high pressure situations.

What do you enjoy about teaching at Myriad?

I enjoy the professionalism the school offers. The students get an idea of what singing professionally is like and it offers the teachers the ability to focus on the students solely.

How old were you, when you began studying voice?

I have been singing all my life but I began with lessons at 13 years old.

Besides Music, what are your other hobbies and interests?

Outside of music I like to work on my cars as well as Skateboard.

More info about Teacher Matthew

I used to be in a rock band that performed at many famous venues in Los Angeles