Teaching at Myriad

Interested in teaching music here at Myriad? Email your cover letter and resume to Our directors will then contact you with directions of how to proceed to the phone interview and subsequent in-person interview stages. Thank you for taking an interest in teaching opportunities at our school.

I’m so glad to see how Myriad has evolved and continues to grow! I often think of my time there and how much I learned from you and appreciated all the support from the Myriad family.
I came across cards and testimonials from students and parents from my Myriad days. It was nostalgic to read through them. I have you to thank for being a part of that journey. I’m realizing that I feel compelled to be of service to other people and have done so directly and indirectly with these and other job experiences.
– With Gratitude, Jen K.
Honestly, I feel very happy working at Myriad. My schedule is organized and the teaching work is very smooth. I get along well with the other teachers and students and parents. The directors’ suggestions are very helpful and improve my teaching. I can see the good results in my students. I look forward to working with the other guitar teachers as a team for future performances and concerts at Myriad.
– Teacher Vilma V.
I had the opportunity to teach piano and piano team at Myriad and I truly loved my experience there. Having worked on my own prior to Myriad, I knew how much time it took to build a clientele and how difficult it could be to maintain it. By working at Myriad, I was able to let them know of my availability and have my hours easily filled with students. I always felt that my goals as a teacher and their goals as a school were aligned in that we wanted students to truly love and have fun with music. I appreciated that my teaching style and view points were clearly valued and encouraged. Myriad created an environment of learning not only for the students but for the teachers. We were given various opportunities throughout the year to share our experiences and ideas and gain from each other. It was a joy working among such qualified and capable staff. I couldn’t think of a better environment to teach in.
– Kim H.
I cannot tell you how glad I am to work at Myriad! I always tell people when they ask me that it is helping me to be a better teacher and allowing me great opportunities to guide students, which is a very fulfilling combination.
– Many Thanks, Sarah M. N.
With all my recently graduated friends teaching and working around the Bay Area, I hear nothing but complaints and horror stories about how poorly run and awful so many music school teaching experiences can be. I’m sure you know that you are doing an awesome job, but I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks, and let you know how incredibly appreciated you are — and our amazing office staff of super-women, too.
– Thanks! Cassie B.
always feel such a sense of purpose and joy when I come to Myriad. It’s been such a learning experience and I appreciate every opportunity to become a better teacher. I respect that standardizing and enforcing any one method of instruction is not right for every child, and it’s during these early years that a good experience with a reliable teacher can make a lasting impression on a child’s love of learning, whether or not they become a future Juilliard kid or touring rock star. I hope you and the gang at Myriad know the depth of my gratitude for the opportunity to work with and learn from you, and my continued commitment to utilize all of the tools and techniques the school provides to execute my responsibilities as best I can. Thank you for acknowledging my efforts and for your support–this is truly a team endeavor!
– Ray C.