Tap Dance Lessons

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Call us to find a class time!

Tap dancers are musicians too! A rhythmical tapping sound is attained by the dancer from the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes. In this way, Tap dance allows the dancer also becomes a percussive musician. Tap dance is often characterized by syncopation and improvisation. Tap can also be performed without music, known as ‘Capella’ dancing. Another type of Tap dance is the ‘soft-shoe’ form, which is a style that is performed in soft-soled shoes without metal taps. The nature of the tapping in this style of Tap is more leisurely and smooth, and there is generally an element of humour within the dance routines.

When is it safe to start children in Tap Dance Lessons?

Our dance academy teaches very gentle into- tap choreography for children below the age of 6. We have a gentle tap curriculum for little ones, which we incorporate into our Dance It All format. Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance. Students younger than 6 can compromise their backs if the coordination is not taught safely. We have a they start in tap too young. Between the ages of 6-8 our tap classes are traditional tap. Ages 9 and older can participate in street tap which is a funky, hip-hop inspired style of tap. We will be adding more tap specific classes in the near future.

New to Dance? Our DANCE IT ALL combo classes let your dancer try out all the styles in one class! DANCE IT ALL is a wise choice for younger dancers, and they love the format!


Ages 4 1/2 ~ 5’s

A complete introduction to tap foundations, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet! Students develop strength and flexibility through simple dance combinations. We encourage a melding of styles and choreograph combinations using elements of tap, jazz, and ballet to expand students’ knowledge and love of dance! Movement through musical narrative continues.


Ages 6 ~ 7’s

A great way for students to experience different styles of dance! In addition to reinforcing foundational concepts like stretching, leaps, and technique, this class allows children to experiment with tap, hip hop, ballet, and jazz styles. Our innovative instructors encourage creativity while reinforcing dance technique and classroom etiquette.


Ages 8 ~ 11

For older students or continuing Level 1 and 2 students. A more advanced approach different styles of dance! We continue reinforcing foundational concepts like stretching, leaps, and technique. This class features tap, hip hop, ballet, and jazz styles, and we teach our students to contribute to the choreography, with the fundamental knowledge they have been given, and their own creativity. Our innovative instructors encourage creativity while reinforcing dance technique and classroom etiquette.

Older Students? Inquire at our front desk about our current classes.

See our “class schedule” here.

Why Dance With Us?

  • Convenience – schedule Music Lessons & Dance Classes at the same time
  • Small, Cozy Class Sizes – Lets us focus on building solid technique from the beginning (10 preschoolers, 8 elem./teens)
  • Parent Viewing Windows
  • Choice of Dance Styles – Dance Fun for Little Ones, Pre-Ballet & Ballet, and Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap in our Dance It All Combo Classes.
  • Wonderful Teachers – Trained dancers who are experienced, gifted educators
  • Goal Sheets & Dance Ribbons – help you see all the wonderful ways your dancer is learning & growing
  • Recreational program – no competitions! We focus on a meticulous, smart curriculum, rewarding goal tracking systems, outstanding teachers, and a love of dance!
  • Minimal Costume Fees – we add a fun item to your required dance wear for our spring dance
  • Family Sharing Days – 3 times a year…bring friends and family to see your dancer’s class perform a routine and share class highlights to see what they’ve been learning, up close! Great photo/video moments! No expensive costumes, recital tickets & long wait to see your dancer for just a couple of minute