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A popular, exclusive curriculum designed by the Super Star Teaching Team at Myriad Music School! This skill – summation curriculum is part of Myriad magical musical staircase of wisely sequenced stepping stones. We impart children with the tools they need to feel confident, literate and coordinated on their musical instruments and in their singing voices.

If you are a new member of our music school, this is a special, well-rounded, skillful class for Young Musicians ages 5 1/2 – 7. If your child has prior experience, this is the place to bring skills altogether, and really polish skills all preschoolers, kindergarteners and even 1st Graders should have before venturing into private music lessons or our Team classes. Properly introducing skills with Myriad’s unique stepping stone class sequences is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child, to ensure that she will be a life-long musician, experiencing success and fun the whole way through to adulthood. This is our #1 mission as a music school.

For Myriad’s own graduates of Young Musicians, Levels 1, 2, and 3! Take all of the skills your child has absorbed, and allow your Young Musician to soar in the 3 more important areas of complete musicianship! This is a specially designed class that will allow our Young Musicians Graduates to bring their skills up yet another level, before they embark on their chosen instrument. Home assignments are more involved than Young Musicians homework cards, but not as involved as Piano Team or Guitar Team classes. SUPERSTARS has been designed as the perfect 3-course sampler class to help Young Musicians graduates with some added responsibility at home, appropriate for 5 1/2 – 7 year olds.

SUPERSTARS! This is the trifecta of all things wonderful for young budding musicians at the Myriad Music School!
Children 5 1/2 to 7 can join us for an action packed, joyful, and skillful class, featuring the 3 most important areas of complete musicianship. In this hour-long class each week, we teach:

Piano/Keyboard Lessons with Piano Song and Theory Workbook
Myriad is renowned for their well-designed foundations curriculum for all beginning pianists. Ensemble keyboard play in our Piano Song Books will reinforce music reading, ear-training skills, composition and improvisation weekly. Each lesson, the students will be monitored individually to ensure that all foundations are present, including posture, hand positioning, and tension-free technique.

These young pianists will really enjoy our Song Books, featuring classic themes, pop and jazz sounds, music history fun facts and Music Games. Homework will be based on the Piano Song book and the Theory Workbook that go home with the children.

Ukulele Lessons with Myriad’s own Ukulele Song Book
Featuring a song book written by our own ukulele specialists. We choose the ukulele at Myriad Music School as the perfect foundations instrument before guitar, or even violin. These little songs are designed for little hands, for both plucking melodies, and strumming chords. Our students learn to read ukulele notation too, and we work on correct alignment of the hands.
Children will play as a uke ensemble and will have opportunities to solo too.
Homework assigned will be reviewing the ukulele song book pages learned in class, as assigned by the teacher.

Beginning Mini-Glee Singers
Following a conductor, singing with clear diction and open vowel shapes, learning correct singing posture and even adding some choreography ~ Wow! All of this in our fun, seasonal songs with fully orchestrated backtracks – these young singers really feel like they are part of a Glee experience! Our emphasis is always healthful singing, with proper breath support, so the children learn to use their vocal cords safely, without strain.

Register for a class time below. If you don’t see a class time listed, it means that class is full.  Please call 650-574-2844 for personal assistance from our Arts Administrators, or to add your name to our waitlist.

CLASS SCHEDULE for Fall 2019-2020


CLASS SCHEDULE January – June 2020: to be confirmed December 2019