Mini Strings: Violin & Ukulele Ensemble

NEW! Mini Strings: Violin & Ukulele Ensemble at Myriad ~ this is the place where your child gains smart foundations in strings skills, plus much more…This is where strings music foundations begin to soar!


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NEW! We welcome you and your child to this unique class, where we teach ‘string and fret’ skills to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment! Violin lessons can be so much more enjoyable for our children than the traditional format. Best violin and string education practices have evolved over the years. This engaging and diverse string class will hold your young child’s interest, keeping the process engaging and diverse. Getting the right start will be all the difference to the longevity and success of your child’s success in future string education. This is true for future private lessons or in your child’s school orchestra or ukulele program.

Mini StringsString instruments for younger students can be challenging if not approached carefully. We build upon a method that has been researched by Jennie Lou Klim, a long-time violin educator. She has created many wonderful string resources, a culmination of over 50 years in her private violin studio, with carefully considered pedagogical principles, and attention to children and their needs. This guide follows the pathway established in the ONE STEP AT A TIME series, using both echo patterns and music reading. Our Mini Strings students are playing educational, adorable songs on both the violin and ukulele, with are both string and fret instruments.  As a result, this class explores overall musicianship, including literacy, ear-training and music theory. We continue to name all the instruments of the orchestra, and identify important orchestra composers around the world.

Give your child a musical gift today, connecting them with other students in this clever, collaborative environment. We learn the violin and ukulele in a way that is adapted for young children’s smaller hands. Most importantly, these students are learning to play string instruments while exploring the other elements essential to smart musicianship. In addition, these children become musically literate, reading rhythmic and staff notation.

Consequently, they jump into our school’s violin teams, ukulele bands, or private lessons full of confidence, enthusiasm and an ability to feel and express the music with their whole being. We teach strings to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment. Remarkably, these children will be musicians for a lifetime!

This class is the perfect, smart string class, with so many additional perks! 

String instruments pose unique challenges for young beginners. Mini Strings students learn all of the important fundamentals, developing smart habits from the beginning.

As a bonus, your child will also be introduced to the ukulele, a small stringed instrument, a wise and fun parallel violin foundations. This teaches children another coordination skill, and a different music notation system.

MINI STRINGS for children ages 5 – 7 years old is a pressure-free class which prepares children with the skills they will need to succeed in violin first, along with the added bonus of ukulele- prep, offering a window into future string, ukulele or guitar private lessons. Here, your child will begin the process of playing the violin, while reading music, notes and rhythms, on the ukulele too. These lucky students are receiving a rich, well-rounded experience.