Lyrical Ballet Lessons

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Ballet is the fundamental of dance technique as it develops grace, flexibility, strength & balance.

ENGAGING APPROACH, with traditional ballet training! The  ballet components of our classes also incorporate some aspects of lyrical dance, keeping our students engaged in the expressive aspect of ballet.  Lyrical dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Most lyrical dance pieces are performed to music with lyrics and the lyrics of the song are what the choreography of the dance is based on. Lyrical dance is very graceful with moves flowing smoothly and seamlessly. Jumps are high and turns are very fluid. Lyrical is one of the most expressive forms of dance to watch.


Inclusive in our unique curriculum –  Dance It All Levels 1, 2 & 3

Ages 4 1/2 – 11

Students continue with turn-out and adding ballet terms that continue to build their dance training. Center barre exercises emphasize flexibility, strength, balance. Basic across- the-floor combinations are further developed, and more complex combinations challenge these students. Jazz, modern and contemporary choreography works in beautiful combination with the lyrical ballet foundations, and makes the curriculum more relevant and interesting for students enrolled in Levels 1, 2 & 3. This prepares our students for any style they wish to pursue beyond age 11.

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Why Dance With Us?

  • Convenience – schedule Music Lessons & Dance Classes at the same time
  • Small, Cozy Class Sizes – Lets us focus on building solid technique from the beginning (10 preschoolers, 8 elem./teens)
  • Parent Viewing Windows
  • Choice of Dance Styles – Dance Fun for Little Ones, Pre-Ballet & Ballet, and Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap in our Dance It All Combo Classes.
  • Wonderful Teachers – Trained dancers who are experienced, gifted educators
  • Goal Sheets & Dance Ribbons – help you see all the wonderful ways your dancer is learning & growing
  • Recreational program – no competitions! We focus on a meticulous, smart curriculum, rewarding goal tracking systems, outstanding teachers, and a love of dance!
  • Minimal Costume Fees – we add a fun item to your required dance wear for our spring dance
  • Family Sharing Days – 3 times a year…bring friends and family to see your dancer’s class perform a routine and share class highlights to see what they’ve been learning, up close! Great photo/video moments! No expensive costumes, recital tickets & long wait to see your dancer for just a couple of minute