How Music Lessons Improve Academic Performance

How Music Lessons Improve Academic Performance

Did you know that signing your child up for music and/or singing lessons helps them do better in school? Well, the results are in: music lessons are linked to increased academic performance and higher IQ scores. Read on to find out why!


Higher Math Scores

We’ve written before about the link between musical ability and language skills. But that’s not the only way music lessons help children become better learners. There’s also evidence that children’s math skills benefit as well! When children develop an understanding of rhythm and scale, they’re learning the same concepts required for understanding percentages and fractions. Research has consistently shown that children who receive music education show a marked improvement in arithmetic skills compared to their peers.

How much of an improvement? On the math sections of standardized tests, they’ve been found to score around 20% higher on average. This holds true regardless of age and socioeconomic background. Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that students who receive consistent music lessons from middle school and up show “significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency by grade 12.”

Music Lessons Increase IQ

A famous (well, maybe not famous, but well circulated) study from 2004, conducted by E. Glenn Schellenberg measured a slight increase in a group of children’s scores on IQ tests after receiving weekly piano and singing lessons. After nine months, the children showed an average increase of 3 IQ points compared to the control groups. A 3 point increase might not seem like much, but it makes it clear that music learning improves all areas of children’s comprehension and learning abilities. This in turn helps make school a little easier, which helps set them up to perform better academically. And that helps prepare them for long term, lifelong success.

The Sooner the Music Lessons Begin, the Sooner Benefits Appear

Children of all ages show improved academic performance when they receive music lessons. Every bit of research we’ve read has made it clear though: consistency and quality instruction are key to unlocking these benefits. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Erik Satie didn’t learn piano from Youtube! Myriad’s experienced, passionate teachers are here to help your child succeed. Now’s the best time to sign your child up, whether it’s for one of our summer classes, singing classes for the upcoming school year, or something else (seriously, we have a lot of teachers with a lot of specialties!)