Hip Hop Dance Lessons

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Ages 11 – 16? Learn more on our Teen Dance Classes page.

Ages 9-12? There’s a NEW CLASS at Myriad just for YOU ~  Jazz/Funk Choreo for Ages 9-12 with Teacher Angelica! Join us for this energetic hip-hop / world fusion dance class. Teacher Angelica joins our Teaching Staff from Brazil and has a fresh, fun approach to choreography.
bringing a special flare for street style choreo. She emphasizes energy, sharp technique and featuring eclectic world music. Be a part of this wonderful new class!
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Learn Fluidity & Improvisation with San Mateo Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Hip hop dance is one of the most popular styles of dancing. Movements in hip hop dance are less fluid than other dance styles. One thing that separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that hip hop is often more improvisational. Hip hop is known for its cool moves and quick spins.

What is the difference between Jazz and Hip Hop?
Jazz style of dance is what is seen in many Broadway type shows such as “Cats”. It is a more structured, stage style of dance. Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Dance moves seen in performance by artists such as Beyonce, Ke$ha and Drake would be typical examples of Hip Hop. Hip hop incorporates a lot of break dance moves and the moves are more isolated and less fluid than jazz dance moves.

New to Dance? Our DANCE IT ALL combo classes let your dancer try out all the styles in one class! DANCE IT ALL is a wise choice for younger dancers, and they love the format!

myriad music school and dance academy


Ages 4 1/2 ~ 5’s

A complete introduction to ballet foundations, jazz, tap, and hip hop! Students develop strength and flexibility through simple dance combinations. We encourage a melding of styles and choreograph combinations using elements of hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet to expand students’ knowledge and love of dance! Movement through musical narrative continues.


Ages 6 ~ 7’s

A great way for students to experience different styles of dance! In addition to reinforcing foundational concepts like stretching, leaps, and technique, this class allows children to experiment with hip hop, jazz, ballet, and tap styles. Our innovative instructors encourage creativity while reinforcing dance technique and classroom etiquette.


Ages 8 ~ 11

For older students or continuing Level 1 and 2 students. A more advanced approach different styles of dance! We continue reinforcing foundational concepts like stretching, leaps, and technique. This class features hip hop, jazz, ballet, and tap styles, and we teach our students to contribute to the choreography, with the fundamental knowledge they have been given, and their own creativity. Our innovative instructors encourage creativity while reinforcing dance technique and classroom etiquette.

Dance Ensemble: Teen Modern / Contemporary Levels 1 & 2
Dance Ensemble: Teen Hip Hip / Jazz Levels 1 & 2

Read more about these classes on our Teen Dance page. These students are excited about specializing in hip hop & jazz dance choreography. Routines are crafted each week by the instructor, with contributions from the students too, as they begin to gain an understanding of how solid choreography is put together. These students will learn a variety of routines, hip hop / jazz dance steps and moves, patterns, and stylistic details of this dance genre. Teachers focus on isolations, levels, groove, rolls, freestyle, break dancing moves & more. This class is designed to improve memory skills, fine motor skills, and hip hop / jazz dance technique. Stretching, strengthening and fast paced routines keep these dancers focused and improving each week!

Older Students? Inquire at our front desk about our current classes.

See our “class schedule” here.

Why Dance With Us?

  • Convenience – schedule Music Lessons & Dance Classes at the same time
  • Small, Cozy Class Sizes – Lets us focus on building solid technique from the beginning (10 preschoolers, 8 elem./teens)
  • Parent Viewing Windows
  • Choice of Dance Styles – Dance Fun for Little Ones, Pre-Ballet & Ballet, and Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap in our Dance It All Combo Classes.
  • Wonderful Teachers – Trained dancers who are experienced, gifted educators
  • Goal Sheets & Dance Ribbons – help you see all the wonderful ways your dancer is learning & growing
  • Recreational program – no competitions! We focus on a meticulous, smart curriculum, rewarding goal tracking systems, outstanding teachers, and a love of dance!
  • Minimal Costume Fees – we add a fun item to your required dance wear for our spring dance
  • Family Sharing Days – 3 times a year…bring friends and family to see your dancer’s class perform a routine and share class highlights to see what they’ve been learning, up close! Great photo/video moments! No expensive costumes, recital tickets & long wait to see your dancer for just a couple of minute