Teaching Assistant Program

Teaching Assistant Internship at Myriad

Myriad’s Dance Assistant Internship is available to Teens, ages 13 & up.
Earn your community service hours with us, plus all of the perks below!

Email  our Arts Administrators, or call us at (650) 412-6322 if you are interested in applying. Submit a paragraph by email, stating why you interested in being a Dance Assistant at Myriad, and why you think this internship is perfect for you!

Welcome to an amazing mentorship program for teens aspiring to gain and develop leadership skills in the arts, in a classroom setting. Interns work alongside real students, mentored by credentialed, certified teachers. Throughout the year, our interns receive mentorship in communication, awareness, goal-setting, lesson planning, management skills and much more!

The secrets to strong, effective leadership qualities!  This is an integral set of skills important for for every middle and high school student to acquire. This program features professional skills many of our seasoned teachers wished had been available to them in their teen years. Often, this kind of training is not offered until college or post-college years. This program is an amazing short-cut to the most valuable aspects of leadership through the art of teaching.

Components you will learn in this fun and informative internship

Leadership & Awareness
: Our Dance Assistants learn how to identify & use effective language, tone (empathy) and body awareness.
Sequencing & Scaffolding: Leadership through teaching has everything to do with building process, and knowing the ages being targeted. This is the one of the most important qualities of a seasoned teacher – we have short-cut secrets!
Lesson Planning formats that are in sync with educational trends today!
Classroom Management: Using enthusiasm, organization, and pacing to maintain positivity and organization.
Goal Setting & measuring effectiveness through feedback and peer reflection
Flexibility & Spontaneous Assessment / Re-Direction, a crucial survival tactic for all future team-builders, project managers educators.

We provide these take-home support resources for future employment / applications

  • Recommendation Letter to use for future employment, program applications, college applications, etc.
  • On-going recommendation support. Myriad’s Directors will continue to support you with requests for on-going future recommendations, documentation, etc.

Creating Future Opportunities
Dance Assistants who complete 1 School Year long internship successfully will have the opportunity to work with Myriad Music School and Dance Academy, qualifying for:

  • Summer Camps Advanced Leader-In-Training Level 2 Camp
  • Performing Arts Camp Internship – paid for Dance Assistants who have been with us for one previous School Year.
  • Year-Round Internship in Music or Dance

We have limited enrollment for these internships so we can provide close mentorship and personal assessments for each teen.