STAR Program

Enroll in our STAR Program and become a better dancer faster!

Skills Taught at an Accelerated Rate, or STAR, is our Program for students who love to dance, and can’t get enough. Technique refinement and improved finesse is the focus of these mini, weekly intensives.

The STAR Program makes becoming a great dancer easy and fun by offering a Turns, Leaps & Tricks class at a discount.   Each student also receives a STAR pizza party, extra free rehearsals in the Spring, and opportunities for more stage time.  STAR dancers have exclusive opportunity to sign up for Solos, Duets or Trios at the year end Spring Showcase.

How to Quality for the STAR Program
All Dancers in our Level 1, 2, & Advanced Level 3 core classes qualify for our STAR Program.

Students taking 1 core dance class per week, Level 1 & up

Your bonus STAR class, Turns, Leaps & Tricks, is only an additional $50 per month.

Students taking 2 core dance class per week, Level 1 & up
Your bonus STAR class, Turns, Leaps & Tricks, is only an additional $45 per month. These dancers are also eligible for extra free coachings in the Spring, and have exclusive opportunities to sign up for for solos, duets & trios in the Spring Showcase.

What Dancers learn in our bonus STAR Classes
Turns & Leaps focus on perfecting the execution of turns (like pirouettes, pencil turns, etc) and leaps. Tricks focus on stage presence and special moves that showcase talent and ability. A fantastic supplement to your core ballet, jazz, hip hop or contemporary class. Bonus STAR classes are offered at a discount, when combined with another classes.