Dance Performances

Our Dancers perform 2-3 times per year.

Performances are divided into two categories: Seasonal Performance-Prep Teasers and the Spring Dance Showcase.  Seasonal Teasers vary from year to year, as planned by the Director and Dance Teachers. Stay tuned by newsletter for these updates for the current year. The Spring Dance Showcase is the exciting year-end performance.
For more details on  Spring 2022 Dance Showcase including safe venue, showtimes, tickets, deadlines and costume fees, click here

Myriad Dance Academy’s February / March mid-season Black, White & Red Ball 2022!

This year, our mid-season teaser event is our Black, White & Red Ball in the Myriad Dance Studio. Dancers of all ages are preparing for this festive February Valentine’s event, which is the perfect month to enjoy a dance event with some sparkle!  Lights, Top Hats, Black, White & Red tutus set the stage, with fun lighting and special effects! Let’s have a February/March Dance Party! This is a choreography teaser event as we prepare for our Annual Spring Showcase, which will be back on the big stage! Stay tuned!

Thank you to Teachers Amanda and Mattea for their inspiring creativity and can-do positivity all year long!

The Spring Dance Showcase is the exciting year-end performance.
For more details on  Spring 2022 Dance Showcase including safe venue, showtimes, tickets, deadlines and costume fees, click here

Myriad Dance Academy’s Spring Dance Showcase 2022

‘The Secret Garden’

Held this spring in Hillsdale High School’s Little Theater, this is the perfect cozy theater experience venue for our dancers, ages preschool through teens. Welcome to our mysterious secret garden, with colors, lights, story-telling and choreography from all of Myriad’s dancers! Flora, Fauna & Fun all on the big stage!

Myriad Music Dance Performance

Myriad’s Spring Showcases are the perfect venue for your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice.  As a performing art, the dance performance is an important part of the dance experience as a whole. In June, we have our formal grand end-of-the-year Spring Showcase with the big stage, costumes, backdrops, lighting, and medal presentations. All registered Dancers perform in the Spring Showcase (excepting our Music & Dance Combo preschoolers). This is the “big game“, so to speak, and this is a team event. We have been preparing as a team for this one event, where all of our dancers’ skills accumulate and get to shine! The success of the choreography is dependent on each member being present. Each dancer is an important part of the greater whole. We prepare our dancers well, so everyone feels ready and confident on stage.

Our students learn the great life lessons by working as a team and working towards a collective goal during the showcase experience. Our performances are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem. The excitement of the costumes, backdrops, lighting, and a bigger stage make for an experience your child will remember for a lifetime.

The Dance Showcases are entertaining events for parents, grandparents, neighbors and the other dancers.

The excitement and benefits of Dance Showcase

1. Progress

Throughout the dance season, your child is making awesome progress in class.  And when we say “awesome progress” we don’t necessarily mean the obvious, like learning fancy ballet steps (although that is pretty awesome too!).  What we mean is that your super-shy child bursts with confidence, or your child who said “I can’t” now says “I can,” or your teen who hid her smile now shines with every practice.  Seeing this kind of progress in class is great, but having it showcased on stage is priceless!  Performing allows your child to demonstrate their progress—both with the steps AND with their self-esteem.

Teen Beginner Classics2. Potential

The showcase is an excellent time to see what’s possible if your child sticks with dance for the long-term.  From the audience, you’re able to see the potential dance holds as you watch the variety of styles and age groups.  Your child, too, will be inspired by seeing the different dance routines, and might think to themselves, “I bet I can do that too!”  Dance offers the promise of so much growth if a young child perseveres and works hard; the dance performance brings this potential into the spotlight!

3. Passion

Performing holds an excitement like some children have never experienced before.  Nerves can transform in an instant as the dancers light up with joy when stepping foot onstage; they are swept away by the magic of entertaining the crowd.  The sense of accomplishment they feel has them hooked!  It’s this growing passion—not perfect technique or memory—that makes performing so special.

Progress, potential, passion … these are foundation of what performance is all about!  At Myriad’s Dance Academy, we love opportunities to chat about these benefits, so if you have any questions about having your child perform in our showcase, don’t hesitate to ask.