Children’s Chorus, Glee Singers & Advanced Glee

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Call us to find a class time!

Children in our choirs gain confidence and improved self-esteem through song. Our singers learn how to read music too! Attend an observation class to watch our teachers in action and introduce the joy of singing to your child.

The Children’s Chorus & Glee Singers are now accepting new members. Interested singers and their parents are invited to visit a rehearsal. Call 650-574-2844 to reserve an observation date.

The Glee Singers (ages 8-10) continue their vocal foundations with quality selections chosen by our choral conductors. These singers also explore current songs chosen by the director from today’s popular culture that are age appropriate. Fun, accessible choreography and solo singing opportunities are all part of our performance format. These performers really bond with each other as they gain their performance confidence through music they truly love.

The Advanced Glee Singers has 2 levels, Gold and Diamond (see ages and skills below). These are smaller, specialized singing groups for our experienced Glee Singers who are moving up to the next level of performance and individual vocal style. New singers are invited to audition for these groups. These singers will work together with their director to choose current, appropriate music that is exciting to them, and will continue their ensemble skills. Flexible solo, and duet opportunities allow Advanced Glee Singers to be featured, developing their personal vocal and performing style.

Students who are new to Myriad Music School can audition to join Advanced Glee by scheduling a trial class.

Our Young Singers are:

  • Excited about singing and LOVE rehearsals
  • Developing stage presence and performance poise
  • Learning to use their voices in a healthful and natural way, creating a clear tone
  • Singing a rich variety of musical styles, including multicultural songs in other languages
  • Learning to create music as team players in a nurturing, dynamic environment
  • Developing rhythmic, sight-singing / ear training skills through music theory games
  • Understanding how to follow a conductor

This is a well-rounded, child-centered curriculum!

Why take Chorus or Glee over a private lesson when a child is 10 or younger? Starting a private voice lesson at too young of an age is too strenuous for young vocal cords and the child misses out on important ear-training and harmonization opportunities. Also by singing with others, a young singer learns how to blend their voice with others. The young singer shares the responsibility of projecting their voice, which protects them from over-singing. Over-singing, or “belting” is a harmful habit that can take years to reverse. Getting the right kind of instruction when one is young ensures smoother progress when the singer enters puberty and the vocal cords begin growing.

Children’s Chorus ~ Level I:
Ages 5 – 7
(No audition necessary)
Mondays from 3:30 – 4:30pm
Glee Singers ~ Level II:
Ages 8 – 10
Mondays from 4:45 – 5:45 pm
Advanced Glee: Gold ~ Level III
Ages 11 –14, by audition
Mondays from 5:50 – 6:50
Advanced Glee: Diamond ~ Level IV
Ages 12 & up, by audition
Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm

We present a winter and spring program annually.

Call 574-2844 now to schedule your one-time observation class.