Adult Ukulele Jam ~ Adult Ukulele Classes

Schedule a trial ukulele class for adults near you to learn more. You can also direct-enroll below to save your spot in these popular classes by just clicking the Register button. For a quick response, fill in our Start Today form below, and tell us more about what you are looking for. For personal assistance or to join our waitlist, please call our Arts Administrators at 650-574-2844. We are looking forward to learning more about you and matching you with quality ukulele classes for adults in San Mateo, Burlingame, Belmont, San Carlos, Millbrae.

Virtual Only

At the current time, these classes are offered virtually only, as this is safest option for our students and teachers. Visit Myriad’s COVID-19 Safety Measures page to learn more.

Students participate via live Zoom, with enhanced, quality audio, so our at-home students hear the teacher’s voice and the music well. Teachers also prepare weekly short video tutorials highlighting an important activity from the lesson. All students receive access to MYRIAD TV, our video library from School Year 2020-2021 classes, as we roll merrily along. Perfect for absences and home practice between classes.


Adults Ukulele Level 1:  MONDAY NIGHTS 8:00 – 8:45 pm
Adults Ukulele Level 2:  TUESDAY NIGHTS players are invited to attend at the discretion of the Teacher.
Give us a call if you are a more advanced Ukulele Player to learn more about the Level 2 class.
See our school calendar for holiday breaks.

Adult Ukulele Jam!

Who is this class for?

Anyone 18 or older is welcome to join our new ukulele jam. Bring a friend – it’s fun to make music with friends. The teachers are helpful , encouraging, and the emphasis is on having a good time while learning some music basics, or further developing any skills you may already have. There is a role for everyone in this setting. You could learn basic strumming, learn how to pluck, or learn how to solo, depending upon your comfort level and skills coming into the class. The main thing is that you get to make music with others in a welcoming environment. Everyone can do it.

One of our good friends in Toronto meets weekly with her neighbors in a local community center. The group learns a new ukulele tune each session. She loves it, looks forward to it and finds it really relaxing at the end of a busy day.

Nancy says, “Learning to play the Ukulele has opened a whole new world of musical expression I’ve only ever dreamed of! I was strumming my first song within the first hour of the Uke 101 Class!”


On YouTube

Check out the impact the ukulele is having around the globe – it’s making a comeback – especially with busy adults who want to include some low pressure music making in their lives – just for fun! There are many ukulele clips on Youtube to check out ….We like the Toronto Ukes channel.

Why the Ukulele?


Easy to play ….Easy to carry around….Very affordable…described as “child’s play” & it sounds great too. Anyone can play, and here’s why. It has less strings than the guitar and is much easier to pick up and learn quickly.


Any style of music is possible on the uke. The ukulele is easiest instruments to play! It includes all of the basic ingredients of music making: rhythm, melody, harmony – and you can sing while you play it.

Gain fast access to some classic folk and rock tunes that you’ve always wanted to play and to sing along to. You will leave knowing a tune after every session. Everybody gets to participate. You don’t have to have any prior experience reading or playing music – just come with a ukele and we’ll get you started.

We will also take requests for tunes you want to be able to play to feature in upcoming weeks.


Come to a session, and we’ll give you the best resources to choose the right one. Or find one online. Amazon has a very good quality Makala brand Ukulele
We recommend the Makala. A great sound for a great price. The trick is to buy one that doesn’t lose its tuning easily. A quality ukulele can range from around $75 and up.

On the Radio…

Listen to this history of the ukulele and whether or not this instrument is trite, or hip. We think it’s hip and here is why…http://www.torontoukes.com/