Violin Lessons: Ages 6 – Adults

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Refine your skills on the violin at the Myriad Music School. Whether you are a complete beginner or whether you already play the violin, come and meet Myriad’s special teachers ~ they will take you to the next level. Private lessons at Myriad help you excel in your Orchestra programs. Attain your musical best with expert coaching!

Young Violin Beginners ages 6-9? The initial  journey for young violinists can be challenging, especially with coordination and literacy. Young aspiring violinists at Myriad are guaranteed a fun, effective, encouraging start in our unique Violin Teams. These are small classes, with a combination of team activities and private lessons for each student. Mentoring new violinists requires just the right touch! We know from years of experience that Teams provide impactful, lasting, positive foundations. Research shows students who begin in our Team classes have a better retention rate, exhibiting ‘grit’ in the initial learning stages. These young students are most likely to progress, minus frustration, and stay with their violin for years to come.  Violin Teams are the best choice for your 6-9 year old aspiring violinist ~ hands down!

Class times for Team Classes are limited, so secure your spot in these special classes today!

String instruments pose their own special challenges. Fine motor skills; balancing your bow for just the right musical touch; delicate intonation and ear-training skills; reading your music well; bowing correctly with your rhythms ~ you need weekly feedback & encouragement to know that your are on the right track. Private mentoring is the way to go, combined with our String Ensemble class. We provide our string students of all ages with a fun weekly lesson, full of personalized tips and fun activities to take home. For parents, we have many tools to help you know if your child is excelling. Parents are provided with a “Smart Practicing Guide” and “Correct Violin Home Set-up” guidelines, and you can see the curriculum your child is following. Practice together with Myriad’s string teachers playing students’ songs on YouTube at a slow practice tempo that students can actually follow. We created a special YouTube channel just for you! Myriad’s Director and other skilled professional accompanists give your child further coaching to prepare for performances. This is the place to be!

Violin Lessons ~ creating a balance of fun, refined technique and a beautiful soaring sound!

Our motivating systems are unique to the Myriad Music School. Our violin students are introduced to the best of all respected violin methods. Our Directors and String Department Team have researched and combined the best aspects of many books and methods. Our students love playing alongside the beautiful tone of their mentors each week. Modeling a professional sound and playing duets together is a  important part of taking private lessons on string instruments. We have created a curriculum that is fun for our students and provides a very well-rounded approach. We teach foundations, correct violin/viola posture, tension-free technique, ear-training exercises, rhythm studies and fun modern songs that appeal to students of all ages. Students at our school earn medals as they progress through our well-designed curriculum. We continually refine and update our resources, making them better and more relevant to our students’ goals every year!

You will learn:

  • To develop beautiful tone production ~ this takes time! You’ll love playing alongside your teacher
  • To read music and understand how rhythms, melodies, and chords are organized
  • Ear-training exercises to assist the student with pitch-matching, pattern recognition, etc.
  • To be creative and develop a unique sound
  • Styles from many periods and traditions
  • Correct physical approach and posture for pain-free practice
  • Need help buying a violin, or choosing the right one to rent?

Learn from the experts – don’t spend unnecessary money on an inferior instrument. Our teachers or front desk staff can give you the right information to help you make informed decisions about:

The correct size and how to re-size as your child grows
Reputable violin or music shops where you can rent / purchase a well-cared for instrument
How to choose a quality instrument that is suitable for violin lessons.
Choosing a shoulder rest to use with your violin
And more…

Schedule a trial lesson to learn more. Register below. If you do not see a lesson time available, it means that time slot is currently full. For personal assistance or to join our waitlist, please call our Arts Administrators at 650-574-2844..