Preschool Music “ABC Music & Me!” Levels A & B

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Register in a class time listed below. If you don’t see a class time listed, it means that class is full.  Please call 650-574-2844 for personal assistance from our Arts Administrators, or to add your name to our waitlist. 

This class is the stepping-stone pre-school aged children need to be able to understand the foundations of all basic musical concepts. This is much more than a Mommy / Daddy & Me music class, or a class with the distractions of mixed ages.  Your preschooler deserves age-specific learning objectives. He or she is ready for vocal pitch-matching, understanding melodic contour, coordinating small and large muscle motor movement together with music notation, and making qualitative musical distinctions. In addition, Socialization, taking turns, sharing, collaboration & inhibitory control are important components of this curriculum.
Let’s get your preschooler started!

Singing, Instrument Play and Reading Music in San Mateo. Our preschool music class is the best choice for your child.

Is your preschool child singing around the house and adding his own words to familiar tunes? Does she love banging away on toy drums or tapping on the piano at home? Tap into that potential and give your preschool child a success-based, intelligent experience!

Enhance your child’s musical journey today!

Join Myriad’s certified, university trained music specialists in this magical curriculum. Myriad’s educators have researched and assimilated the best aspects of a multitude of music education resources for Preschoolers, resulting in this up-dated, exciting one-of-a-kind program. 3 and 4 year olds are ready for a hands-on musical experience with our Myriad Music Alphabet friends, our giant floor keyboard, roll-out music staff leading the way to musical literacy. Join Ally the Alligator & Elly the Elephant and their other alphabet friends on keyboard explorations and music theory games, introducing the music reading process in a fun, age-appropriate preschool method. Hop on our rhythm lily pads in our music “pond”, learning how to sequence and read rhythm patterns. Incorporating the Orff Method, mallet & percussion in-class instruments make eye-hand coordination easier for preschoolers. Whether a child is singing, playing a solo or participating in ensemble songs, listening skills, peer-interaction and creativity are all part of developing this child’s musicality in a cooperative setting. Pre-school music students learn quickly and best through whole-body movement, which we use to teach the contour of melody, rhythm patterns, symbol reading and much more!

Each student is assigned a Music Booklet, Level A followed by Level B, learning music symbols and songs with their teachers. Register today and help your little musician develop the love and skills of music making that will last for a lifetime.

TAKE OUR PRESCHOOL COMBINATION CLASS – Preschool Music & Preschool Dance Fun Classes back-to-back.

A combination of our two popular preschool classes. Our Dance Fun curriculum, plus our ABC Music & Me Preschool Music. Restful themed story-time  between classes. Music notation, rhythm skills, coordination, pattern work, stretching, music and dance forms, story-telling through music and dance and much more! Receive tuition savings when registering for this  quality combo class. 


YOU MAY JOIN our Preschool music classes ANYTIME!
Children may join mid-term at any point. The preschool music class curriculum is designed to accommodate and benefit all skills/levels. If you don’t see a class time listed, it means that class is full.  Please call 650-574-2844 for personal assistance from our Arts Administrators, or to add your name to our waitlist.

Register for a class below. If you don’t see a class listed, it means that class time is currently full. Please call 650-574-2844 for personal assistance from our Arts Administrators or to join our waitlist.

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