Guitar Teams: Ages 6-9. The perfect beginning guitar class!

Guitar teams are fun, unique guitar classes of 2-4 children, where students will enjoy playing together as a “band”, learn how to read music, learn correct technique and postures from the start, and get coached during their own private session with their teacher each class.
Beginners will be able to jump into the action on their first day!

For over a decade we have witnessed our Team Students are more engaged and resilient in the early stages of learning their instruments. This is the best way to motivate young guitarists to work towards their own personal goals, while still being part of a team experience.
Music is meant to be shared and the guitar team format is an amazing motivator!


Each Guitar Team class will be 50 minutes in length, once a week. The lesson format includes 4 components:

  • 1. Opening warm-up improvisation that all children and the teacher play together
  • 2. Music Theory / Composition Skills Games and Worksheets
  • 3. Private Session rotation during which the teacher coaches each child’s solos
  • 4. Mini-Rock Band with ensemble play. Each week students take turns playing lead guitar, rhythm guitar, or bass guitar roles.

Guitar Team Available Openings
Register for a class below, or call 650-574-2844 or use the Contact Form for personal assistance from one of our Arts Administrators.