Advanced Private Music Lessons

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Call us to find a class time!

The Myriad Music School has over 30 teachers mentoring kids, teens & adults from all over the nation – talented, virtuosic professionals from esteemed graduate conservatories and universities. Examples are Northwestern University, Oberlin Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory, Julliard… and the list goes on. The Directors and Teachers provide on-going support to each other, share resources, and help coach each other’s students during our special format, Workshop Week.

Our team not only hails from excellent programs, but they are true pedagogues…teachers who take a profound interest in the art of teaching. They inspire, motivate and help students stay organized with their practice routines. We can guarantee that this is the one music school in your community that puts the most care into:

  • Teacher development seminars year-round – our teachers love these enriching sessions, and they are excited to share new ideas with students of all ages ~  kids, teens and adults!
  • An impressive array of teaching tools & resources every one of our 13 classrooms
  • Medal levels for tracking progress in piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin and viola lessons, flute lessons, clarinet lessons, saxophone lessons, trumpet lessons, voice lessons, and ukulele lessons.
  • Technique with musicianship skills embedded right in the process – creating smart musicians who understand music theory with a hands-on approach.
  • Performance workshops for every private student, at every level, to ensure confident, prepared performances, minimizing performance anxiety
  • In-house spring evaluations with guest adjudicators
  • A strong focus on the foundations of ergonomic technique and ease of playing for all instruments. These are the building blocks of a virtuosic keyboard technique.
  • Much much more.

Families start here and stay here for many, many years of music lessons. We offer every style of musical study, from classical to jazz and pop. We have students who want to play just for fun and students who wish to audition for conservatories upon graduating.

Our private lessons are one-on-one instruction. Lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. For our advanced students, teachers can prepare them for advanced playing opportunities, or a university entrance process, or other competitive performance opportunities.


~ Healthy, Tension-Free Technique at the Myriad Music School

This is one of the things that sets us apart from other music teachers and music schools. We teach our students know how to avoid common repetitive stress injuries while practicing. Injury-free Body Balance guidelines for all musicians and vocalists are a special feature of lessons at the Myriad Music School. Special emphasis is placed on teaching the building blocks of a virtuosic technique, free of tension and limitations – whether you’re a 6 year old beginner or advanced, college-level musician! Our Director is a specialist in integrated alignment when it comes to piano ergonomics, and all of our teachers receive this special training. We dispense with dogmatic ideas of music lessons past and present – not all teachers are enlightened with the importance of ergonomics. This is so important for more advanced students. Outdated teaching models create tension and rigidity which limit speed and ease, and ultimately make it impossible to develop a virtuosic technique.

A student searching for that right teacher must be aware of misguided attempts at describing what a truly virtuosic musician does when playing! Instead, our teaching is rooted in the natural anatomy, alignment, and movement of the fingers, hands, arms and body.

We help students develop an awareness of all movement when playing, all without tension! Many musicians following the guidelines prescribed by the Myriad Music School have found relief from discomfort and tension at their instrument. The results include increased virtuosity and beautiful tone.