Adult Music Lessons

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Call us to find a class time!

Adult students have a special place here at our music school. We offer private lessons in piano, jazz piano, guitar in all styles, voice lessons in all styles, violin, flute and trumpet.


Some of our adult students are taking lessons because their children are, and they want to keep up. This is a wonderful way to connect with your child. Some of our adults students are beginners, and some took lessons as a child, and are returning to lessons. Some of our adult voice students sing in a band, or their church choir, or are preparing for community musical theatre productions. Some play in a band and want to refine their guitar skills with their band repertoire. Our teachers focus the lessons around what each adult’s goals are and we help you get there!


We have lesson time options especially reserved for adults, ranging from morning and early afternoon times, to later evening times.Some of our adult students take weekly lessons. For some busy adult students who still want to fit music lessons into their routines, we offer an every-other-week option. Having lessons a bit more spaced out often feels more relaxing to these adult students.

Call our friendly office staff today to discuss the options that fit your current routine. You are always welcome to come in and meet one of our friendly, talented teachers. Our office staff will find a time that works for you. Please ask about our registration discount for adult students.

Join our Summer Adult Ukulele Jam!


linerI was so traumatized by piano lessons I took as a child that, despite a passion for music, I didn’t try again for over forty years.

The teaching at Myriad has been everything I needed years ago and more. Better late than never. I’m making progress and, even
more importantly, I’m loving the process.

I’m glad the teachers at Myriad are relatively young and healthy because I’m in this for the duration and want to keep taking lessons there as long as I can keep breathing and stay upright on the bench.

– Robert Liner, M.D.




Adult Ukulele Jam!Our new gift to the Bay Area community! Starting in March – Adult Ukulele Jam!

A special offer for adults – parents of our music school and someone you know who would enjoy this too! Anyone 20 or older is welcome to join our new ukulele jam. Bring a friend – it’s fun to make music with friends. The teachers are helpful , encouraging, and the emphasis is on having a good time while learning some music basics, or further developing any skills you may already have.

There is a role for everyone in this setting.