Teen Dance Classes

New to Dance or returning to Dance after a few years off? We specialize in nurturing teen dancers who are excited about stepping into or returning to the world of dance. Some of our teen dancers come to us with previous experience, and some are trying our classes for the first time. Most importantly, they are loving it! This is the perfect cozy, non-intimidating environment for dancers ages 11 & up to create something special together. Low student / teacher ratio ensures lots of personal attention. We help each dancer work towards their goal of qualifying for that leading role in their school’s theatre production, or earning a spot on their school’s dance or cheer teams. It’s never too late to jump and experience the joy of dance! We can help you get there! Our dancers prepare for 4 performances per year, including our Spring Dance Showcase.

Keep your versatility alive and active! Continue your personalized, targeted dance goals with Myriad’s invested teachers, in our small-sized dance classes. More opportunity for creative solo performance in our DANCE ENSEMBLE TEEN classes. Become a well-rounded, strong, artistic dancer! Take the following classes in combination with each other. Coming to class more than once a week helps our dancers progress more quickly, becoming stronger, more flexible, more versatile, and more fluid in all styles. Tuition discounts apply for students who take more than one dance class per week.

Hip Hop & Jazz Teen Dance Classes

DANCE ENSEMBLE: TEEN HIP HOP / JAZZ ~ Level 1 / 1B: Ages 11 – 13
DANCE ENSEMBLE: TEEN HIP HOP / JAZZ ~ Level 2: Age 13 – 16

These students are excited about specializing in hip hop & jazz dance choreography! Routines are crafted each week by the instructor, with contributions from the students too, as they begin to gain an understanding of how solid choreography is put together. These students start class with ballet-infused warm-ups and strengtheners, and then move into a variety of hip hop / jazz dance steps, signature moves, patterns, and stylistic details of this dance genre. Teachers focus on isolations, levels, grooves, rhythmic precision, body rolls, freestyle, break dancing moves & more. This class is designed to improve patterned movement retention skills, practice precision in muscle memory skills, and challenge students with impressive hip hop / jazz dance technique. Stretching, strengthening and fast paced routines keep these dancers focused and improving each week!

Modern & Contemporary Teen Dance Classes


Continued ballet foundations warm-ups, combined with the strengthening and stylistic vocabulary of Contemporary /Modern and lyrical Jazz Dance. This class is designed to enhance the strength, flexibility and stylistic virtuosity and interpretive skills of the developing contemporary dance student. We continue reinforcing foundational concepts like stretching, leaps, musicality, body-phrasing, and technique. We teach our students to contribute to the choreography, with the fundamental knowledge they have been absorbing, and their own creativity.