Building Confident, Happy Dancers

We want our dancers here at Myriad to feel confident before, during and after each class. Here are some tips that will help. 1. Be prompt for class. 2. Come properly dressed in assigned color leotard, without jewelry other then small earrings, and with shoe strings either tucked in or tied in a knot and cut off. 3. Have your hair up off your neck. For shorter hair, pull it back from the f

The versatility of a guitar or ukulele

The guitar is a very versatile instrument. There are many styles of music and many different techniques to learn and practice. As a beginner you  start playing simple melodies with your thumb. Eventually you start to play with a pick, to strum chords, and even learn classical and other finger style techniques, where you involve all of your right hand fingers. Listen to different styles of music a

Listening vs. Hearing

"Listening" and "Hearing" mean two different things when it comes to music. "Hearing" acknowledges that sound is happening whereas  puts meaning to that sound. During Workshop Week we asked our students to draw a picture while listening to their peers perform. The pictures represented how the music made them feel, the scene in their mind that the music invoked, or the general mood of the piece. T

There’s An App For That!

Have you heard of the Drum  Beats + App? Download it now on your personal device, and your child can choose all kinds of fun steady beat templates to choose from. This is a great tool to use at home, if we have asked your child on their assignment sheet to repeat a passage or song several times a day to 'iron out a wrinkle'. Choose a tango beat, or a jazz swing beat and play it again - lots of fu

Dance Benefits YOU!

Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child.Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Physical Development: Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than most other physical activities. This is accomplished through movement patterns that teach coordination and kinesthetic memory. Danc